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Laazy, but reading about RAW

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I have been reading random stuff about "raw" for a few years now.  The past couple of days though, I have been intensely reading more.  So many people have found relief from so many ailments.  I have been truly inspired and amazed by the people at www.goneraw.com
And I had bought Alissa Cohen's "Living on Live Food" and never read it either.  So, I have been reading that as well as her website. 
Tons of people are just changing so many things, besides their food when doing this. I am in awe.  There are hundreds of recipes in the book that I have.  And the websites have even more.  There are so many benefits, but can it be done forever?  Hmmmm.  I think I may be willing to give it a go.
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And I've been reading Shazzie's journal.  She logged almost daily for six (I think) years about her transition to raw and her setbacks and goals and benefitts.
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