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Jen ~Cheese Whore

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Well, just when I was about to have one of those talks with work, I get a message that they are upping my pay $2 an hour.  (I'm contract, so they don't take out taxes or SSI or anything - I have to put that aside to pay at the end of the year)  I guess they were anticipating my aggravation.  I'm still not going to work myself to death.  I'm limiting how many hours I put in a day, because I'm selfish and want to spend time on my extracurricular activities.  But still, they made me happy.  In their own way, they let me know that I was appreciated.
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I just heard they are making "Xanadu" into a Broadway musical - killer!!!!!
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The parents just left, and I already miss them.  =(
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I've been showing Mom & Dad about.  Sam went with us this weekend - Lake Dillion =)
We did the Denver Art Museum, Botanical Gardens and such. 
Today, I just brought them to Wally World because they wanted to pick up cheap souviniers for people.  While we were there, I saw some cute pins that said "Got Goth?"  LOL.
We also stopped at JoAnn's Fabrics.  I picked up some cute Halloween fabric, =D  I loved that my mom & dad were like, "Jen, here's some black with skulls or skeletons!"  Hehe, at least they accept it, even if they are not pleased by it emmensly.
They leave tomorrow.  I think we have worn them out too, haha.

I even told them that I am planning on dying my hair lilac in the near future.  There were raised eyebrows and shaking of heads, heh. 
Speaking of dyes, slave1, which dye did you tell me was really good?  The bleaching process will be the most painstaking, but at least most of the black is pretty much out now.
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My parents are watching "DaVinci Code" while I'm doing work.  My damn office - they refuse to leave me along until I get this apartment complex drawn.  I've been working on it for a week already. =\  I told them they would have it Monday because I refused to work all day while my parents were visiting.  They were not enthused.  Oh well, that's what they get when they send me too many projects and insufficient information for the rest.  =\
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I'm trying to get some office work done this morning.  Then the last minute vacuuming, dusting and such.  We now have a semi-guest room!!  I made the bed and put little gifts on the bed for each of them.  Both bathrooms are clean, and I made groceries. 

Controlling the Heidi Monster Dog is my big concern.  Hopefully, the training techniques will work.  We've never had company over to the house for extended periods with her yet.  And hopefully, she'll warm up to my parents.  This is one of the issues we've been dealing with in training, her (fear) aggressiveness when strangers come.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I will be doing lots of leash tugging and commands.

So, I'll be absent probably a good deal until my parents leave.  =)

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Today was Godiva's bi-weekly tests.  But today I had them test a lump she's developed above her shoulder.  It seems that it wasn't 'abnormal' in the sense of cancer, but it's a sign of hemorraghing.  So, I should get back her usual blood platelette count tomorrow.  Last week it was low, and we increased her steroids.  I'm just a little concerned because the signs are not so good.  The past couple of times we've taken blood, her leg doesn't stop bleeding in a normal time and we have to bandage her up.  =(  I've consigned myself that I just want to have her long enough for my parents to visit their 'grandpuppy' and to love on her for a teeny bit longer.  =(

Other than that, it's still craziness with work, and trying to clean the house up so that I'm not embarrassed for my obsessive compulsive germaphobe mom to come...  No, I'm seriously happy that they're coming though.
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Whew!  I spent a good portion of the day/evening yesterday cleaning up our extra room.  The crawl space and I became very good friends, as I spent much time in and out of there!  And there are just a few more boxes of Sam's stuff to move out of there, yaay!  He had to go into work yesterday, so he couldn't help me.  Then I can vacuum and set up the blowup bed thingy.  And then washing linens and making the room nice.  Not much time left either, Mom & Dad are leaving tomorrow to begin their drive up!  They'll be here Wednesday evening.  Today, hopefully, we'll get the extra room about done, and I'll move on to dusting ~yuck~ and all the other house cleaning.  Somewhere in between, I'll do more office work too, lol.  Busy, busy, busy.
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